In My Secret Garden

I’m trying my hand at gardening this year

So far the grass is doing great

I have to see the silver lining in this adventure

even if it is the color green

Where once there was thriving crabgrass

there is now thriving crabgrass and struggling vegetables

This faith garden has battled from the very beginning

Right after I planted all my lovely little seedlings

it rained

And rained

And rained

And then to make matters worse

It hailed

While raining

I really thought I was going to have a hydroponic farm before all was said and done

It rained enough that the plants that I had painstakingly planted at proper intervals

were now crowding one another because they floated together!

I have no idea what happened to the two watermelon plants

I think they floated away

And at least one onion plant has been planted and plucked three times because I have a hard time determing what is onion and what is a hardy blade of grass

But faithfully I water and weed

and I just know I shall be rewarded

It may be humble beginnings but we shall persevere, my garden and me

I shall leave you with a photo of one of my more determined tomato plants

It may not have many leaves and it only had one bloom

but by golly, it has a tomato on it!

I call this one my Charlie Brown tomato plant

It may look a little sad but it gives me great joy to see the fruit of its labor!

I know it’s hard to see the plant for the grass but we are working on it!


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