Seeing those initials makes my heart leap

I loved VBS

Back in my day


VBS consisted of flannel board stories and pretty sorry looking crafts

I remember one year, Mrs. Frakes was my teacher

This woman was a hundred if she was a day

For craft that week we made a Bible out of half a sponge and some construction paper

The really fun part, writing on the cover with glue so glitter would stick to the words

was left to the expert

Not just your average pig-tailed 7 year old

Mrs. Frakes was the expert

Only thing is

Instead of writing


with the Elmer’s glue

she wrote


So much for the expert

I can still see my little white construction paper and sponge Bible

I used gold glitter on the words

I was quite proud!

Nowadays, there is a different craft for each day and it always goes along with the Bible point of the day

Smart idea!

Snack time is something else I remember well

Red koolaid and sugar cookies


Red koolaid and oatmeal cookies


Red koolaid and hardasrocks lemon cookies

These were the choices

Take ’em or leave ’em

Didn’t matter

What didn’t get consumed one day would be put out for the masses the next

I think they even recycled the red koolaid

Which by the way, was watered down so much that it hardly resembled red sugar water at all

VBS snacks today are a craft themselves

Each day is a different concoction of food stuffs ready to assemble into an edible Bible story

Gone are the days of sugar cookies

They’ve been replaced with cupcakes with blue frosting and topped with red hots

to illustrate Elijah and the altar soaked with water where he called down fire from God

Sure helps that Bible story come alive

Even the games are used to reiterate the Bible story of the day

No longer do they send you outside to just work off the wiggles

Every day the game ties into the story

Smart thinking!

So much learning disguised as fun

Why don’t they run our education system like that?!

I think I would return to school

I already return to VBS every year

I love VBS


2 thoughts on “VBS

  1. I love VBS too – but even better is VBS with Pastor Tracey! Nobody makes the Bible come to life like Pastor Tracey – and nobody is as committed as her family. They are the BEST!

  2. Our mom sent us to every VBS in town every summer, to fill us with the Word, or get rid of us… ummmm…. You just described all of them! I love VBS, too!

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