I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaack

Often in life we become consumed with our concerns and our concerns aren’t what should be consuming us

The more I read the above statement the deeper the truth revealed

I often get so overwhelmed by my concerns, my commitments, my desires, my home, my children, my church, my work, my friends, my community, my hurts, my family…I think you get the picture
I’m sure there are many of your own issues you could add

The thing is, I have the answer to this seemingly overwhelming problem

If I turn my compassion into passion for a deep relationship with God
All these “things” will work out

In my total passion for the Father I can learn to recognize His voice
I will spend time in His Word
I will know what He wants me to do
Not what I think I should do
He will direct my path

I don’t want to be more committed to my commitments than I am committed to God


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