I Y’am Who I Y’am

Preparation saves a lot of time

It also saves you from a lot of self loathing

One of my friends let it be known that she was going to cut out all sugar, artificial sweetners

red meat, caffeine and processed food this week and asked if anyone would like to join her

 Of course, I said Yes!

No preparation, no consideration of what I had on hand

Now, I do eat quite a few veggies…love them!

We always have some kind of fruit on hand, frozen and fresh

Water isn’t an issue because we have a cooler for that

But I didn’t think this thing through

I didn’t have enough “safe” items on hand to get me through the day, let alone a week

But I charged on

Did great for breakfast

not so good for lunch

and dinner consisted of veggies and some left over roast

I did manage to not drink caffeine all day and no artificial sweetners

But my preparation soon lagged behind my desire

I think that’s the way it is a lot of times in our lives

We don’t want to do the prep work

We just want to jump in over our heads

Popeye would pop a can of spinach after he found himself in a jam

Perhaps he should have anticipated his need for strength and thought ahead

Then when peril struck, he would be ready and not struggling to get that spinach ingested in the nick of time!

I have a tendency to think that preparation is boring

And maybe it is sometimes but it is necessary almost every time

A body builder doesn’t wake up one day with muscles that can stop a car

There is preparation involved

A 5K marathon is not a spur of the moment decision

There is a lot of pre-running involved

Conditioning of muscles and building up stamina

I shudder to think what would happen to me if I decided this week to run a marathon on Saturday

It would likely kill me!

But train me and let me work  toward my goal and I know I could do it!

I’ve jumped in to things so fast without any prep work before

It’s not fun

And  I fail

Then comes the self loathing and contempt

Not even giving myself credit for the few things I did do right

Faith and Peace also need preparation

A building up, so to speak

Walking in faith in the small things will enable us to walk in faith in the big ones

Same way with peace

We have to practice and prepare

With appropriate foresight  and planning

Goals, desires, dreams and purposes can be met

And navigation won’t have to be taught in the storm!


One thought on “I Y’am Who I Y’am

  1. Not just the preparation but thinking it through before we jump. Have we really counted the cost? Do I really want to do this? I tend to be a “leap before you look” type of gal. Almost hit a tree at the bottom of the hill when I was skiing. Forgot I wasn’t good at making quick turns on an icy hill. Jumping too quickly effects others as well. …..although there are some times when we just need to be adventurous and go for the gold.

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