Listen! Do you smell something?

I feel like I should write something

If you write when you have nothing to say

Can people hear it?

How often do we say something just because there is a lull

We really don’t have anything important to impart to our friends and neighbors

But we feel obligated to put sound,  if not knowledge out for the masses to process

My mom used to say I was talking just to hear myself talk

Maybe she was right

I wanted someone to hear me even if it was just ME

Because if someone is listening to me

That means I exist and I am valuable

I have even accused my own children of  rattling on

Just to hear themselves

When Emily was in kindergarten

I picked her up from school after I picked up the older children

They tried to be engaged in conversation before Emily got in the car because if they didn’t

She would start talking as soon as she was within earshot and they would be out of luck

They would talk about anything and everything that popped into their head

Just to keep the conversation from being turned over to her

She would be ready to explode with words by the time we got home

It was always funny

Once she wanted to tell me about her friend who had a smashed toe

She started to go into great detail on the condition of that poor little toe

If there is one thing Emily is known for, it is great attention to detail

Way more than I wanted or could stomach!

I told her she couldn’t tell me all the gory details

She would start and I would stop her

She would come at it from a different angle but still with the details and again I would stop her


She stuck her head out of the car window and just started telling her story to the wind

She HAD to get it out of her system

She HAD to share her knowledge

Even if no one would appreciate it!

We all broke up laughing at that one

As soon as she had shared her knowledge of that banged up little toe with anyone outside of our car

She was content

She had been heard

She was validated

Even if it was only by the wind

How often do we feel we have to do all the talking when we spend time with the Father?

We feel we will absolutely bust if we don’t tell Him all the things we want

How often do we just sit and listen?

Hear what He has to say to us instead of reading off our petitions?

Our Father is eager to hear us but He also longs for us to hear Him

Perhaps we should listen twice as much as we speak

After all, we have two ears and only one mouth


3 thoughts on “Listen! Do you smell something?

  1. For someone who started out with nothing to say, you ended up saying a lot! And, that final paragraph was worth walking around the block for. thanks…

  2. Yeah…I agree with Toma. You finally did get around to that most important part, tee hee, and I was listening! And it was good! Thank you!

  3. I loved the whole thought. I especially enjoyed Emily’s need to tell her story to the whole world outside the car. Sometimes you feel like you need to convey all facts – I mean EVERY LAST GORY fact. We have to get it right. Like God doesn’t know it all already. Love this, Marijo. Worth keeping to think about.

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