Friday! MyDay!

There’s nothing quite like a day that you can call your own! My day is Friday!

I am blessed to only work part time outside my home and then I am blessed to watch a couple of our grandgirls two days a week.

I like what I do for work, for the most part and I love taking care of the girls, but come Friday and I am ready for Myday!

The day starts as early as I want or as late.  I can do housework, if necessary, or I can do playwork.

Shall I start out at the library catching up on magazine articles that time hasn’t allowed me to read? Do errands? Have lunch with family or friends? Finish a project? Start a project? Dream? I’ve been mulling around some furniture refinishing ideas for a couple of weeks…maybe today is the day!  Go shopping? There are some window treatments I want and what woman doesn’t need some new summer clothes? Go out of town? Putter around close to home? Read? Sleep? Have more than just a quick conversation with my Father? Reorganize some closets? Get my hair and nails done? People watch? Sit in my yard swing? Watch the birds? See the grass grow? Watch my garden grow? Figure out exactly which of the plants in my garden are weed or food? This last one is a toughy…may have to call in an expert!
A day of endless possibilities!

I think everyone should have a day or at least a portion of a day that is just their own! I know mom’s need this and I’m sure dad’s do too! We give out so much of ourselves everyday to those around us…we need time to regroup and recharge.

When was the last time you took an opportunity to just do what YOU wanted? It’s probably been too long!
Do yourself and your family a favor and carve out some time just for you this week!


One thought on “Friday! MyDay!

  1. I love MYDAYS when nothing is scheduled. Wouldn’t want it everyday – but they are sweeter when they come.

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