It’s My Birthday

I know I’m supposed to be all grown up and everything, but when this time of year rolls around, I become a little girl again!

I think birthdays are wonderful! I would have more than one a year if I could get by with it. I love the cards and the presents, the cake and balloons, the “Happy Birthday” wishes and even the “How old are you?” from friends and family.

Getting older isn’t bothering me…yet! Growing grey? Well, I’m still fighting with the hair color but grey isn’t really  bothering me either. Wrinkles? I’ve got lots of creams, lotions and potions that promise younger looking skin in a matter of moments or maybe days. Gotta keep the economy going, ya know! My joints get a work out every now and then and they get vitamins every morning and evening. So, I think I’ve got the body thing covered. At least I know what to do for it. Not that I always do. 🙂

Looking more like Jesus.  Now that’s my big goal. Every year.
Every birthday, I examine myself to see if I’ve grown. Am I praying more? Listening and obeying? Reading more? Meditating more? Doing less of my own thing? Am I loving more? Forgiving faster? Walking in joy with less defeat?  I always hope so! Some days, it seems like I take 2 steps forward and then 3 steps back. Other days, I actually get in 3 or 4 forward steps and only one or 2 back. Like a doctor practices  medicine, I am practicing being more Christ-like. Perfection will come because practice makes perfect. I won’t get a hundred every day while on this earth, but one day soon I will be as He is; when I see Him face to Face!


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