For a couple of months now I’ve felt a dissatisfaction

with  a few things in my life

I’ve jokingly called it my mid-life crisis

Sometimes dissatisfaction is self-created

Other times, I believe it is God’s way of cutting ties that gag bind

I want to be home more

More time for ministering to my family

More time for ministering to friends

I don’t think I’m being selfish

I’m just needing a refreshing

I’m wanting change

Not just change for the sake of change

But a renewed vision

I  believe God  stirs the waters of our spirit

right before He gives us new directions

So speak, Lord

I’m listening


One thought on “Stirring

  1. This is an interesting post in that I’ve been having similar “stirrings”. But, my thoughts are kind of the opposite of yours. I want a home of my own. A home that is closer to the church I attend. So, I can go see and play and work with my church family more often.

    As you are doing, I’m listening for God’s directions. Until then, as Joyce Meyers says, we do our best to keep following the last directions God gave us.


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