“You’d better get a ring on her finger quick so all the boys will know she’s taken!”

That’s what my daddy told Mark after he had asked permission to marry me

At the time, I just laughed ’cause quite frankly, no one had been beating down the doors trying to date me!

Looking back, I think it was so sweet of daddy

It wasn’t long before Mark had found the perfect ring

I loved it!

White gold with a small diamond in the middle and a small diamond on each side

The sides under the setting had heart shaped cut outs

I had never seen a ring like it before or since

Race ahead 27 years

I was a few pounds heavier and although the ring still fit, it was tight

I didn’t wear it every day

I definitely wasn’t wearing it that cold day in March

An act I will forever regret

That day someone  came into our house uninvited and helped themselves

TV’s, receivers, guitars and my jewelry box

The one with my anniversary rings

The one with my daddy’s ‘gold’ watch

The one with my grandmother’s engagement ring

The one with my wedding ring

We certainly felt violated that day

And full of regrets and “what we shoulda’ dones”

Bit by bit, items were replaced

I’m still holding out hope and believing that the angels are going to bring my grandmother’s ring and my daddy’s watch home

They weren’t worth anything to anyone

Except me

But my rings, well, they could be sold and money could be made

Now it’s two years later and God has made a way for a beautiful ring to be placed upon my hand once again

A ring of white gold with a few more diamonds than before

But with hearts still cut out on the sides

It’s so beautiful, it makes me cry

To know that my hubby cherishes me and loves me even more today than 29 years ago

That is worth more than all the diamonds in the world

But it sure is nice to see that ring on my finger!

And now all the boys will know that THIS girl is taken!


One thought on “Taken

  1. Oh my, I thought I had got my crying all done with today. So beautiful…yes the ring, but even more the sweet sentiments. Your daddy’s love for his little girl, your treasures of the heart in the watch and ring, and Mark’s sweet gesture of love for you. Priceless!

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