It’s the 23rd so it must be someone’s birthday

All our children were born on the 23rd of the month

February 23rd

March 23rd

June 23rd

All four years apart

Makes it pretty easy for daddy to remember birthdays

On March 23rd,  twenty-three years ago

a beautiful baby girl came into our lives

Just like her brother before her

we had no idea what we were getting

We like the element of surprise, I guess

We did, however, have a tiny pair of black patent leather shoes for inspiration

Our little bundle of joy came into the world and we were thrilled

A little sister for big brother

Daddy’s little girl

Mama’s pride and joy

Born with a head full of hair and beautiful blue eyes

We were smitten


Our princess

Frilly dresses and bows in her hair

Little shoes and lacy socks

Plenty of sugar and spice

She brought much joy into our lives and continues to this day

Our princess is now a nurse

Full of mercy and compassion

A Godly woman

She makes my heart glad when she walks into the room

She is not only my daughter but my friend

I couldn’t be prouder

Happy Birthday, Sara!

I love you!


2 thoughts on “It’s the 23rd so it must be someone’s birthday

  1. SHe is a beautiful daughter – and I bet has a beautiful spirit just like her mom! All on the 23rd, huh? That is amazing!

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