My First Car

My first car; a Chevy Vega 1972. I was so proud of that car! I loved it! I remember looking in the trunk and thinking “THIS is the trunk of MY car”! I even named her Alice. There was one little problem with Alice right off the bat; she had a standard transmission and I could only drive an automatic. We lived in Missouri and had driven back to Tulsa to buy my beloved vehicle so Daddy had to do all the driving. He drove it over to my bestfriend’s house and left both of us there while he and Mom went to some relatives.

Alone at last! Laurie took this picture then we hopped in for a spin around the neighborhood. Oh what a time we were going to have, my bestfriend, my car and me!

Laurie’s house was just about at the corner so we didn’t have far to drive before we were at the intersection. But just pulling out from the front of her house was a quite an endeavor for this non-standard driving chick! Press in the clutch; start the car; find first gear; let up on said clutch while easing down on the gas; kill the motor and start the process all over again! I have no idea how many tries it took before we made our way to the corner but make it we did…only to have to start the cycle all over again!

I don’t know how long we drove around the neighborhood, but by the time we made it back to Laurie’s house, I was kind of getting the hang of it all….I probably only killed it 2 or 3 times each time we stopped, so I thought we were close to mastery!

I didn’t drive it home. Daddy did. But once we got her home, she was mine, all mine!

By the time the fall session of college started, I was a pro. I could shift the gears of my little 3 speed with smooth precision; there wasn’t a bit of hesitation during the shift at all. Even my truck driving daddy said I was doing great.  I was so proud!

For my first two years of college, I lived at home and commuted in Alice. We had a 30 minute drive every morning together and she never failed me. I studied while going down the road; learned my music for sight class, studied diction, even pondered the meaning of life for my psych classes. All the while, Alice purred along like a kitten. We stopped for gas once a week; we stopped for oil, daily! I kept a CASE of oil in my trunk at all times. Silly ole aluminum head Vega. I didn’t care; Alice ran great and faithfully took me where I needed to go. Have I told you I LOVED that car?

I drove Alice all 4 1/2 years of college. She served me well. I still miss her.


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