Finding a new husband is probably easier than finding a new hairdresser!

it has now been 52 days since I’ve had a clip, dip and rip. Yikes!

my hairdresser, who has been my hairdresser just a few years less than my husband has been my husband, decides it is time for a new career and up and goes back to school. how can she do this to me?

shelley has worked her magic on my head since she came out of beauty college still wet behind the ears. I totally trusted this girl/woman! I’ve had almost every color imaginable on my head and many, many styles in the 20 something years we’ve been together. my thoughts on the matter of hair has always been it’ll grow back or we can always put a different color on.  she seemed as carefree about the “do” as I…although, if she started in on her whostollamyhonda whotiedamybowtie you knew she was a little worried and was calling on the big guns to pull her out of a tight spot!

anyway, back to my current predicament….she is going back to school to become a teacher and I’m going around with 2 inch roots! what was she thinking? I’ve invested a lot of time in her and this is the thanks I get. after all, it’s all about me. I’ve got to find someone I trust with my hair, for goodness sake! this isn’t just a passing fling; it’s gonna be a lifelong relationship. not a one time deal but a total commitment. in these treacherous times, where everything is disposable, including spouses, I need to find someone who will be with me for the long haul! someone who will stick by me through thick (hair) and thin (brows)! someone who won’t throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble and head to greener (blonder) pastures!

it’s been so long since I’ve gone searching for the perfect someone that I don’t even know what to do first. do I spray and tease and go searching with every hair in place or do I walk in a new shop just out of the shower with roots glaring? do I announce that I like adventure or keep some mystery? what if this new partner in hair says “trust me”, do I?

if I had known how frustrating all this was going to be, I might have remained a hair virgin; no coloring and no cutting. no, I couldn’t do that.  think of all the fun and adventures I would have missed out on.

someday soon, I shall put myself out there and find the perfect hairdresser but until then, the black scarf I’m wearing in mourning hides my glaring roots pretty well.


One thought on “Finding a new husband is probably easier than finding a new hairdresser!

  1. Still no hairdo?? Oh, honey! 52 days is a long time!
    2″ of root-rot….sometimes you just gotta jump in! Cannonball it! I MISS YOU though……we’ve got to do lunch….soon!
    p.s. LMBO! 🙂 You crack me up!

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