weak as a kitten

what does that saying even mean?

according to some word meaning site it means

Feeble & Fragile

well, I’ll go along with that

kinda like a wrung out dish rag or a limp noodle

how about the phrase

Rode hard and put up wet

this is what happens when you ride a horse and put him through a lot and then put him away without brushing and cooling him down

yep, that will work

what about the one

I feel like I’ve been pulled through a knothole backwards

now that one seems pretty self explanatory but I’m thinking

backwards; forwards

won’t matter one lil bit!

either way will be rough!

with each passing moment this kitten/feeble/fragile/rode hard/pulled through a knothole/wrung out rag/limp noodle is getting stronger!

I’ve been in an upright position more today than I have been for 5 days so that’s better

I ate a sandwich that actually had to be chewed so that’s better

I have on makeup so that’s better

I have on real clothes and not pj’s so that’s better

I fixed my hair so that’s better

Tomorrow’s gonna be even better



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