back among the living

I guess since I’m gonna live, I should post about it

I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick in my life; or if I have, I don’t want to remember it

abcessed tooth

enough said about that


Thank God for my husband

He has been by my side for 3 days; waiting on me hand and foot

getting me a drink; a cold rag; an ice pack; rubbing my back; but most important


I could hear his prayers just barely audible over my moaning and crying but God heard them fine


Thank God for my friend, Linda

She took me to the doctor; she stood in line for my prescriptions;

she brought over jello and chicken noodle soup–you know, all the things a sick person needs

She brought food to my family, too!


Thank God for my children

They managed on their own without me for a few days

Did the dishes; offered to do laundry;

but the biggest blessing of all was when they pitched in to do my job at church!

They rallied around; got along and did the job!



So, I’m back

not a hundred percent yet

you won’t see me doing any cartwheels or running any marathons

shoot! I’m not sure I’m even gonna be able to go to work in the morning

but I am going to live and I think that’s ok



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