the boy

27 years ago today, joy in the form of a boy entered our lives

this was long before ultrasounds were the norm so we had no idea what kind of surprise was in store for us

we were hoping for a boy but a girl would be fine

we had hung a baseball suit too big for a newborn on the wall of the nursery as inspiration

must have worked!

we hadn’t settled on a name for said boy so all his charts and the sign on his bassinet said “baby boy Napier”

we couldn’t take the boy home until he was named but we had plenty of time…we wanted just the right name

bryan paul—strong humble one

yes, I do believe that fits. our boy cannot be swayed; he thinks for himself; strong character; smart as can be (which has been interesting when trying to direct his learning); talented and humble

we called him the boy for quite awhile after we brought him home– did you get the boy’s diaperbag? where is the boy’s pacifier? will you change the boy’s diaper? this is what the boy did today!

oh, that boy, the strong humble one, has brought us such joy over the years

we were the proud parents of  the boy

we are the proud parents of  the man

happy birthday, bryan


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